Webinar - Managing Risks in the Indonesian PV Market

18 Jan. 2017 by

In preparation for our upcoming Solar PV Trade Mission Indonesia, Solarplaza hosted the webinar: 'Managing Risks in the Indonesian Solar PV Market', providing an update on the latest Indonesian PV market developments.

Indonesia is increasingly starting to peak renewable energy investors’ interest. However, with unique opportunities come unique challenges inherent to the country. In this webinar, on Managing Risks in the Indonesian PV market, a number of essential technical and financial challenges were discussed that successful project managers cannot ignore.

Based on the speakers’ expert opinion during the webinar, two main sources of risk exist for project developers who are planning to pursue solar projects in Indonesia. One of the main risk factors manifest themselves in the design of solar panels with respect to local infrastructure and climate; the other stems from the financial difficulties burdening projects due to the underdevelopment of the local financial sector.