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T.RE.ND talks 33: Isabel Rodriguez (Glennmont Partners) on the Evolution of Financing & RE Investment

19 May 2021 by Edwin Koot, Solarplaza

Isabel Rodriguez is our 33rd guest for Solarplaza T.RE.ND talks and we are delighted to hear from her about:

✔ The evolution of financing for renewable energy investment
✔ How are banks adapting to new solar finance?
✔ Isabel's insights on development bottlenecks

You will also hear insights into Europe's most interesting markets to watch out for, and about some exciting developments such as energy storage integration.

Isabel Rodriquez is an Investment Director at Glennmont Partners, one of Europe’s largest fund managers focusing exclusively on long-term capital investment in clean energy infrastructure.

Isabel has been actively involved in RE finance and investment for more than 10 years at companies such as Acciona, EDF, Envision, and Glennmont Partners.

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