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T.RE.ND talks 25: Edurne Zoco (IHS Markit) on Gender Diversity & PV Market Trends

27 Jan. 2021 by Edwin Koot, Solarplaza

Our latest T.RE.ND talks guest was Edurne Zoco.

Edurne is the Executive Director of Clean Technology & Renewables at IHS Markit. She has 15 years of experience within the renewable energy industry, working at companies like; Trina Solar, Mediasat, and Kellog Institute, with a focus on strategic marketing and Market Intelligence.

During this episode of T.RE.ND talks, Edwin asked Edurne's thoughts on the following:
✔  Positive global PV market outlooks for 2021
✔ Technology and geographical market trends and drivers
✔ Gender diversity trends
✔ Ways to improve the success of female employees in the RE industry

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