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Asset management

Operations in the Outback

01 Oct. 2020 by Jason Deign, Contributing Writer, Solarplaza

Utility-scale solar is at something of a crossroads in Australia. 

After growing sharply, to the point of accounting for 9.3% of all clean energy generated in Australia and 2.2% of total electricity supply in 2019, according to Clean Energy Council figures (2019), investor interest has begun to flag. 

Notwithstanding the recent slowdown, the fundamental case for renewables in Australia remains persuasive, given the impending retirements of huge amounts of coal generation across the country.

But any further market growth must be tempered by recent experience. Problems with the grid and its regulatory framework, in particular, have plagued early projects and threatened the profitability of operators. On top of this there are issues ranging from adverse weather to skills shortages. 

Overall, it’s a market where close attention to asset management is an absolute must. In the run up to Solarplaza’s Solar Asset Management Australia virtual journey during November 2020, this white paper reviews some of the main operational challenges that have been identified by industry experts while working with the country’s first major wave of utility-scale solar plants.

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