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White Paper - Top Solar Projects MENA

10 July 2019 by Mina Mesbahi




A market estimated to be worth more than $20 billion, according to the 2019 Solar Outlook by MESIA (Middle East Solar Industry Association), MENA solar sector is poised to witness further growth and continue on its upward trajectory. The report by MESIA forecasts another $15 billion worth of projects becoming operational within the next five years.

‘Accounting for more than 2 GW of operational capacity, solar seems to only loom large for MENA. Situated on the global Sunbelt and with irradiation levels raising above 6 kWh/m2, the MENA region is well-equipped with all the necessities to become an oasis of solar energy production.’

In preparation for Solar Asset Management MENA 2019, the Strategic Platform for the MENA region's solar PV industry focusing on the operational phase of solar plants and portfolios, we have compiled an overview of Top Solar Projects to take better stock of the more paramount projects, capacities, owners and hottest markets.


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