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"Empowering professionals in solar business development by building the most valuable solar PV network".




Solarplaza is a private company based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 
The company was founded in 2004 by Edwin Koot, a senior PV expert working in photovoltaic solar energy since 1994. Solarplaza has built a network of trusted friends and personal contacts all over the world. The company has been leading and inspiring the solar industry with high level events and trade missions for more than seven years.




  The services of Solarplaza include:

  • - Organization of solar PV expert conferences
  • - Organization of international solar PV trade missions
  • - Free daily solar industry newsletter SUN
  • - Market information and leads platform
  • - Personal deal making (connecting manufacturers and investors with solar PV developers)
  • - Strategic consultancy


Track record

Solarplaza organized more than 50 international PV trade missions and expert conferences in Germany, China, Spain, Italy, Greece, the USA, Taiwan, India, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Denmark, Mexico and France. 

The 18 years of experience in the global solar industry resulted in Solarplazas' database of more than 40,000 solar energy businesses contacts.

The solar industry newsletter SUN is distributed every working day to thousands of PV contacts and potential customers.


Solar Operations & Maintenance: North America - 25-26 March 2014, San Francisco, North America

Solar PV Trade Mission: Mexico - 3-7 March 2014, Mexico City, Mexico
The Solar Future: South Africa - 11-12 February 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa

Solar Now Turkey - 25-27 November 2013, Istanbul, Turkey
Solar PV Trade Mission: Saudi Arabia - 10-14 November 2013, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 
Solar Operations & Maintenance: Italy - 9 October 2013, Milan, Italy 
Solar Self Consumption: Italy - 8 October 2013, Milan, Italy 
Solar PV Trade Mission: Indonesia - 23-27 September 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia 
Energy Storage: UK - 17 July 2013, London, UK 
The Solar Future: UK'13 - 16 July 2013, London, UK 
Global Demand Conference VII - 18 June 2013, Munich, Germany

The Solar Future: NL '13  - 23 May 2013, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

The Solar Future: Denmark  - 21 March 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

International PV Trade Mission: Mexico  - 25 February - 1 March 2013, Mexico-City, Mexico

The Solar Future: South Africa  - 12-13 February 2013, Capetown, South Africa

International PV Trade Mission: Chile - 12-16 November 2012, Santiago, Chile

The Solar Future: Italy '12 - 11 October 2012, Milan, Italy

PV Business Tour: Brazil - 17-21 September 2012, São Paulo, Brazil

The Solar Future: UK '12 - 26 June 2012, London, UK

Global Demand Conference VI - 12 June 2012, Munich, Germany

The Solar Future: NL '12 - 24 May 2012, Haarlem, the Netherlands

The Solar Future: Eastern USA '12 - 10-11 May 2012, New York, USA

The Solar Future: Belgium '12 - 28 March 2012, Brussels, Belgium

The Solar Future: India II - 29 February 2012, Jaipur, India

The Solar Future: South Africa - 25 January 2012, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Solar Future: France II - 10 November 2011, Lyon, France

The Solar Future: Italy - 6-7 October 2011, Milan, Italy

Global Demand Forum V - 5 September 2011, Hamburg, Germany

The Solar Future: UK II - 29 June 2011, London, United Kingdom
The Solar Future: Module Technologies - 7 June 2011, Munich, Germany
The Solar Future: NL III - 21 April 2011, Utrecht, Netherlands
The Solar Future: Belgium - 23 March 2011, Brussels, Belgium
The Solar Future: India - 24-25 January 2011, New Delhi, India
The Solar Future: France - 9-10 November 2010, Marseille, France
Global Demand Conference IV - 6-7 September 2010, Valencia, Spain
UK PV Conference - 22 June 2010, London, United Kingdom
The Solar Future: DE II - 8 June 2010, Munich, Germany
The Solar Future: NL II - 22 April 2010, Utrecht, Netherlands
Global Demand Conference III - 22 September 2009, Hamburg, Germany
The Solar Future: DE - 26 May 2009, Munich, Germany
The Solar Future: NL - 22 April 2009, Rotterdam, Netherlands
PV Trade Mission India - 16-20 February 2009, India
PV Trade Mission China - 24-28 November 2008, China
Global Demand Conference II - 2 September 2008, Valencia, Spain
The Thin-Film Future - 11 June 2008, Munich, Germany
Solar Energy Investment Opportunities Italy - 27-28 March 2008, Rome, Italy
International PV Trade Mission Taiwan - 17-21 February 2008, Taiwan
International PV Trade Mission California II - 20-25 January 2008, USA
Solar Energy Investment Opportunities Spain - 6-7 November 2007, Madrid, Spain

Global Demand Conference - 4 September 2007, Milan, Italy
PV Investment Tour Spain - 23-24 July 2007, Spain
International PV Trade Mission California - 10-15 June 2007, USA
PV Business Tour Italy-Greece - 4-9 March 2007, Italy & Greece
PV Business Tour China II - 26 November-1 December 2006, China
PV Business Tour Spain II - 17-22 September 2006, Spain
PV Business Tour China - 9-14 April 2006, China
PV Business Tour Spain - 14-18 November 2005, Spain




Some of our clients


Aleo Solar AG, REC Group, Bekeart (Shanghai), TrinaSolar, EPV Solar, Conergy AG, Hoehner & Forst GmbH, Arcelor Bettembourg S.A., Quantasol Ltd., Iatso, Sunways AG, EPV Solar, Isovolta AG, Solucar Solar, Banc of America Securities, GE, EEMS Italia S.P.A., Marshall Wace LLP, Credit Suisse, Praxair Electronics, Piper Jaffray & Co., CR Intrinsic, RenCom, Solaire Direct, Credit Agricole Cheuvreux, Meyer Solar, First Solar, McKinsey & Co. Inc., Robert Bosch GmbH, Sunpower Corporation, OptiSolar Inc., Ferro Corp., Solar Semiconductor, Solaria Corporation, DOW Chemical Company, Solland Solar, Akeena Solar, Dow Building Solutions, Fitacc, Germanos SA, Glaswerke Arnold GmbH & Co., KG Digipack, Horisun, JSC Kvazar, KEK, Prometheus Institute, Suntech Power Co., Ltd. RENA Sondermaschinen GmbH ,Sampol S.A., Santon Holland, Ultimate Renewables Limited, Webb.Wells Ltd., Enfinity, Enlog, Sevilla Beheer BV, Soto Ballesteros S.L., Sputnik Engineering AG, Sunergy Investco BV, Solahart All Valley Energy Systems, Solar Power Industries, Targray Technology International, Inc., SolarAccess, SolInvest, Energés S.L., Oskomera Solar Power Solutions, Schneider Electric, Mondeka Ltd., NDRC/PMO, First Solar, Trina Solar, Suntech Power, MiaSole, Oerlikon Solar, Applied Materials, NDRC/PMO, Ades, Ltd., LDK Solar, AES Corporation, Martifer Solar SA, Ecostream, Sustainable Energy Technologies, Orisol Corporacion Energetica, S.A, LAXTRON Energías Renovables, S.L., Centrotherm Photovoltaics AG, Green Loans, SMA, Soleco, Jinko Solar, Dupont, Mastervolt, Siemens, Gehrlicher Solar, Canadian Solar, JA Solar, AE Photonics, Subsolar  and more...