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Top 10 Biggest Solar IPOs of 2014

Top 10 Biggest Solar IPOs of 2014

The wave of renewable energy IPOs has only just begun, meaning that we can expect to see even more companies posting initial public offerings in 2015. As far as the 2014 list is concerned, the following ten IPOs met with success, raising millions of dollars from institutional investors to raise expansion capital. The value of IPOs stems from the fact that they give private companies ...

Top 10 Biggest Announced PV Projects in Mexico 2015

13 Jan 15 - 14:57 CET
Top 10 Biggest Announced PV Projects in Mexico 2015

In 2014, the Mexican electricity market underwent a massive transformation, bringing three institutions together to oversee its expansion and development. In 2015, the Mexican market is proving itself to be one of the biggest markets to watch, as it ...

Top 10 Solar PV Yieldcos

08 Jan 15 - 18:12 CET
Top 10 Solar PV Yieldcos

Yieldcos aren’t exactly a new concept, yet their presence, particularly in the renewable energy sector, has ascended in 2014. The popularity of Yieldcos stems from their affordability, as investors can expect low-risk returns that likely will increase over ...

A pioneering astronaut's final speech on the sickness (and salvation) of our planet

07 Jan 15 - 16:08 CET
A pioneering astronaut's final speech on the sickness (and salvation) of our planet

Last year, The Netherlands lost its pioneer shuttle autronaut Wubbo Ockels. More than a 'regular' space austronaut he considered himself to be an astronaut of spaceship earth, stimulating and promoting sustainability and the use of renewable energy.


Valhalla Seeks to Build Largest Latin American Solar Project

BW - Valhalla Energia is seeking to build Latin America’s largest solar project in Chile, a $1 billion facility that ...

Dutch infrastructure fund acquires 10MW Glenarm solar plant from Canadian Solar

EBR - Canadian Solar has completed the sale of the 10MW AC Glenarm solar power plant to an affiliate of ...

Exosun establishes base in South Africa with local manufacturing agreements

PVT - PV tracking systems specialist, Exosun has established a subsidiary in Cape Town, South Africa with plans to partner ...

HelioSage and Gulf Power to Build 120 MW of PV Projects for US Force in Florida

ET - HelioSage Energy, a developer of utility scale solar projects, and Gulf Power Company, a Florida investor-owned electric utility ...

Heliene To Begin Solar Panel Production At Minnesota Facility

SIM - Ontario-based solar panel manufacturer Heliene Inc. is set to begin production at its new St. Paul, Minn., facility.

SCHMID Group announces progress on construction of the integrated 71 MW PV production facility in Argentina

SOLARSERVER - Following the laying of the foundation stone on October 24th, 2014 for the 71 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) ...

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