Solarplaza Foundation

“to accelerate the sustainable energy transition for all”. 

The Solarplaza Foundation aims to support the sustainable electrification of less privileged communities around the world. It does so by identifying and contributing to projects and initiatives related to the empowerment and electrification of these communities and individuals. 

To reinforce Solarplaza’s mission, yet move beyond the business-to-business focus and in a more democratic fashion, and to do so without the intention to turn a profit, the Solarplaza Foundation was established as a separate entity with the updated mission: “To accelerate the sustainable energy transition for all.”


Solarplaza’s Pledge

As part of Solarplaza’s policy, a 5-1-1 sharing program has been instituted to benefact the Solarplaza Foundation:

  • 5% of its annual ticket revenues to the Solarplaza Foundation
  • 1% of its products annually to the Solarplaza Foundation
  • 1% of its employees’ time to the Foundation’s goals


Join The Pledge

In all of our events, when buying a ticket, you are contributing to the impact that the Solarplaza Foundation makes. If you wish to opt out of Solarplaza’s mission to contribute to the Foundation, you can use the discount code “FOUNDATION-OPTOUT” to retrieve 5% of your ticket value.


Wish to do more instead? Other ways to support the Foundation are:

  • Pledging a direct donation
  • Pledging products: e.g. solar panels from one of your projects
  • Pledging time: having one of your experts supporting a project

We invite partners to join us on this mission! Read more on: