Press Release

5 July 2024


Harnessing the Potential of AI in Renewable Energy Right Now

Solarplaza Summit to take critical inventory of today’s tools and tomorrow’s potential

ROTTERDAM - 5 July 2024 - The Solarplaza Summit: AI for a Renewable Future, hosted on 8 October in Rotterdam, will be the first global, high-level conference focusing exclusively on instrumentalizing artificial intelligence to further accelerate the sustainable energy transition. The knowledge-sharing and networking event will feature both pragmatic demonstrations of present-day applications, as well as visionary forecasts regarding the future potential of AI technologies.

Since its inception, the renewable industry has always been at the forefront of hands-on innovation. At the Solarplaza Summit: AI for a Renewable Future, industry and technology experts will critically look at how rapidly progressing artificial intelligence solutions can be applied and deliver value throughout the renewable value chain. From design and production processes to forecasting methods (be it weather or power prices), predictive analysis in operations and maintenance, machine learning, and much more. Together, the experts on stage and the crowd in the room will unravel AI’s black box reputation to distinguish between proven value-adding solutions and immature or even deceptive promises.

Moving beyond the hype, the conference will cast an experienced eye on AI to also critically assess the associated risks and challenges that must be addressed before innovative technologies are ready to be scaled across the renewable energy sector.

Solarplaza Summit: AI for a Renewable Future combines the legacy of renewables with the urgency and innovation demanded in this new era. As the global race towards renewable energy intensifies, this summit presents a not-to-be-missed opportunity for industry professionals to get ahead with AI's latest advancements and engage with thought leaders and pioneers who are setting new benchmarks for efficiency, sustainability, and profitability in solar energy.

Join us for a day of learning, knowledge sharing, and inspiration as we work together to close the loop in solar energy and create a sustainable future for the industry.

Solarplaza Summit: AI for a Renewable Future
8 October 2024 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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