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At Solarplaza, we are aware of the latest developments concerning the COVID-19 (commonly known as coronavirus), therefore we’d like to communicate proactively on what we do for and advise to those involved in our events around the globe.

Solarplaza is closely following governmental advice and relevant news to remain up to date on all developments. 

Please keep an eye on the relevant event websites for event-specific announcements. If you partner with or have registered for one of our events, you may rest assured that we will contact you personally in case of relevant new developments.

For additional details on the execution of our global events for the remainder of 2020, please review our 'Next Generation Event' page

We understand the uncertainty you and your company are facing and wish to support you as much as possible. For additional questions please email our team ([email protected]) or your personal Solarplaza representative.

The Solarplaza team