The essence of our services

Integrated methodology built for results

Our methodology combines intelligence, business development and marketing insights to position your company in new markets and segments. This process is built upon a logical step-by-step journey that unlocks both a long-term strategic approach and a short-term inflow of opportunities.

Based on our experience, we have carefully tailored solutions for independent power producers, investors and developers, as well as for service providers and manufacturers, with the goal of obtaining a measurable ROI.

Actionable insights

We walk alongside you on your growth journey by giving you direct industry feedback, introducing you to potential partners and buyers, and providing you with the growth marketing tools you need to target potential buyers at scale. In essence, we support you building and activating your business plan for market entry or consolidation.

Clear timelines and deliverables

Our engagement process typically takes 6 to 8 weeks - depending on the project scope. We deliver market findings and growth marketing recommendations, while introducing you to potential customers and partners through tailored matchmaking.

Leveraging Solarplaza’s long track record

You will benefit from the access to Solarplaza’s extensive network, brand trust and recognition to originate and forge long-term relationships. An extended group of topical and geographical market experts will help you navigate new markets, segments and opportunities.

For Independent Power Producers, investors and developers

Tailored matchmaking and insights

We support you along the entire market entry journey: from understanding the market dynamics, opportunities and challenges, to arranging connections with local companies in order to forge new business relationships.

Thought leadership add-on

We support you to create a content strategy that conveys and elevates your values and mission, strengthening your brand visibility and thought leadership in the industry.

For manufacturers, SaaS and other service providers


With our hands-on approach, we collect feedback from your target audience and advise you on how to optimize your strategy. In parallel, we match you with potential customers or partners that indicated interest in your value proposition.

Lead Generation

We hand you the right tools and strategy to generate leads at scale by auditing your existing strategy, mapping your customer cycle, and suggesting the right topics and campaigns.

Lead Generation add-ons

Through webinars and round-tables, we complement your lead generation strategy by giving you exposure within Solarplaza’s extensive database and trusted relations.

The main faces that will boost your growth - backed and supported by the internal group of topical and geographical market experts that make Solarplaza events the industry-leading platforms for sharing knowledge and network.

I am a Data Analyst & Consultant specialised in the solar industry.

I am a Project Manager & Consultant with 5 years of solar Business Development experience.