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Solar in Mexico Update: COVID-19 Challenges and Policy Crises

11 June 2020 by Solarplaza

Thursday, 11th of June - 18:00 CEST, 11:00 CDT - Mexico City Language: Spanish

Ruth Guevara /// Director - Zumma
José María Lujambio /// Partner - CCN
David Briseno /// VP Project Development - Gauss Energía
Bernhard Schuetz /// Head Product Group Service - SMA


  • Global trends shaping energy markets: How might renewables benefit? Is Mexico heading in the opposite direction?
  • Making sense of the turmoil around the SENER and CENACE rulings
  • Supply chain disruptions and its impact on construction and operations
  • Evolution of supply and demand, wholesale market prices and how to navigate through contract obligations
  • Operational consequences of COVID-19

The solar Mexican market remains one full of opportunities. At the same time, its boom has come with continuous ups and downs for the past two years. 

The global health crisis caused by COVID-19 is also shaking Mexico, and naturally, its solar energy sector. On top of it, CENACE and SENER are adding challenges to the industry by altering the rules of the game and thus discouraging private investment.

Amidst the ever dynamic local solar landscape, we have set up a virtual roundtable of experts to hear more about the challenges the industry is facing in regards to supply chain, development, finance, operations, and no less important, regulation.

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