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The impact of COVID-19 on solar projects in Hungary: what's next

06 May 2020 by Solarplaza

This webinar focuses on the impact or COVID-19 on solar projects in Hungary. Access the webinar slides and recordings here!

Csaba Polgár /// Partner - Pontes
Andreas Feichtinger /// Director PV Projects Hungary - ReneSola Power
Peter Pusztai /// Managing Partner - BNRG

Development related issues

  • Impact on licensing / authorities’s limited availability.
  • CODs in danger – will the CODs under the KAT-METAR/KAT – METAR licences be prolonged? What if not?

Finance related issues

  • MAE/MAC provisions under project finance documentation.
  • Availability of new financial tools/loans under the crisis related measures by the government and the National Bank of Hungary.
  • Moratorium on loan repayments.

EPC related issues

  • Is there a disruption in the global solar supply chain? Do modules, structures and inverters arrive on time?
  • How EPCs and construction schedules and EPC prices impacted?
  • Is there any insurance coverage for COVID-19 for EPCs / clients?

Acquisition related issues

  • What is the impact on ongoing acquisitions?
  • Are there buyers and sellers willing to transact amidst pandemic circumstances?

Access the webinar recordings and slides: