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Analyzing the PV project journey and the regional PPA market

07 Jan. 2020 by Thomas Bonnicel

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The solar energy market in the Nordic region is on the rise and is on a steady trajectory to become one of Europe's most interesting PV markets. Join us during this webinar to learn more about the market through the different thoughts, experiences, and previsions of Alexander Sauer (BayWa r.e.) and Mikkel Kring (Our New Energy).


Webinar Topics:


  • Challenges and lessons learnt in the Nordic energy field 
  • The state of solar PPAs in the Nordic region
  • How to operate solar projects in the Nordics and what the key differences are compared to other, more mature markets
  • How BayWa r.e. and Our New Energy's experience in the Nordics could help you grow your solar energy business
  • Key takeaways of the first few years doing business in the Nordic solar energy market

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