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Everything you need to know about C&I project development

06 Jan. 2020 by Marco Dorothal

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This webinar will cover the entire value chain of C&I Solar Project Development from Origination, Development, Execution & Management, outlining the various technical, commercial, & financial considerations required at each stage to develop bankable & profitable projects for all stakeholders.



The webinar will also share effective strategies for aspiring C&I developers to originate, compete and win projects in the face of rapidly increasing competition in both established and emerging C&I markets, including correct customer targeting, balancing saleability and financeability of long term PPA's, optimising development costs and mitigating development risks. The webinar includes an important segment on how C&I developers can access financing for relatively small project sizes (vs large scale utility projects) and outline proven investor engagement processes and negotiation strategies. Finally, it shall address considerations on risk-reward allocation between various stakeholders that include Offtaker, EPC, Developer & Investor and how to build 'win-win-win' eco-systems that can sustain long term collaboration platforms in this exciting growth space.

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