Webinar - Solar Market Parity Portugal - Status, Challenges & Opportunities

24 April 2019 by Solarplaza

Solar market parity is on the horizon for Portugal, and if expansion can take place without subsidies, the solar industry’s future should be bright. This said, reality is always more complicated than theory.


Marco Alves, Co-Founder & General Manager at MTX Solar, was joined by João Garrido, Founder of Caparica Solaris, and Thomas Bonnicel, Project Manager at Solarplaza, to discuss the challenges and opportunities in Portugal's solar market and its emerging PPA sector.   

Topics discussed in the webinar: 

  • What is the position of Portugal?
  • Why is the Portuguese market’s growth going to accelerate?
  • What are some of the key challenges with regards to PPAs in Portugal?
  • How big are the opportunities and where will you find them?
  • How does Portugal compare to other key markets?