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Webinar - Commercial Self Consumption in France: Opportunities, Challenges, and the Customer Experience

27 Feb. 2019 by Solarplaza


A reason for this trend is that self-consumption has become a centerpiece of the energy transition, thanks to a range of instruments, from tenders to the #PlaceAuSoleil initiative. Also, many businesses realize that self consumption make sense from a bottom line perspective.   

In this webinar, Pierre-Jean Delhoume, Manager of Energy Services at Uniper, will cover:  

  • What’s actually in self-consumption for businesses within the French context?
  • What factors determine the optimum self-consumption rate?
  • What are the main challenges to an accelerated adoption of self-consumption?
  • Self-consumption from the investor’s perspective: what expectations?
  • So far, what's the customer experience on the ground?