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Webinar - Is France's solar market open for business?

17 Jan. 2019 by


The headlines paint a fairly attractive profile: “France is now one of the top 7 solar market in the world and the largest issuer of green bonds”; “France’s new energy strategy outlined on Nov 27 2018 will increase solar capacity fivefold by 2030”; and “The EU has just approved 600 million EUR ($679 million) in funding for innovative solar power installations”.

But beyond the headlines, is France’s solar market really open for business? What’s in it for international players? What are the latest developments on the joint-ventures-, and merger and acquisitions- fronts? 

Damien Ricordeau, Founder and CEO of Finergreen, a boutique advisory specialized in renewable energy, was joined by Patrick Gaincko, Project Manager at Solarplaza, to take a deep dive to try to answer these questions and see if the market will be able to overcome the challenges it currently faces. As a chief architect of several high-profile deals involving both French and international companies, Damien will share his highly valuable perspective, present concrete examples, and offer an analysis of the latest developments.