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Webinar - Floating solar PV on water reservoirs

02 Nov. 2018 by


As solar energy becomes more affordable and prevalent around the globe, new technologies and methods of installations are materialising. Floating solar arrays are typically installed on impounded bodies of water, whether man-made or natural. However, the first pilot project for solar on sea has already started.

Financially, floating solar comes with opportunities such as cutting costs on land acquisition and enhanced efficiency through natural cooling. However the uncertainties around O&M and sustainability of materials make the business case still challenging.

Tobias Haarburger, Program Manager Solar Power Applications at
Continental AG, was joined by Thomas Boersma, Project Manager at Solarplaza, to explore benefits and challenges for floating solar PV on water reservoirs. 

Topics addressed in this webinar:

  • PV cell integration on a membrane material
  • Requests to PV panels
  • Advantages of a floating cover on water reservoirs for farmland irrigation

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