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Webinar - Optimizing LCOE: The value of reliable materials and components

09 Oct. 2018 by


A core pillar of cost reduction is to set the foundation right at the very early stages in order to avert any avoidable costs in the future.

Peter Karam, Head of Technical Asset Management Spain & UK at Vector Cuatro, and Olivier Haldi, Global Business Development at Stäubli Electrical Connectors, were joined by Gosia Surowiec, Project Manager at Solarplaza, to discuss how to protect your investment, and ensure longevity and reliability of the project with an overall lower LCOE.

Topics addressed:

  • The wise selection of variables: equipment, surface, partners, and the importance of balancing CAPEX and OPEX at the early stages of development
  • Critical topics during conception, construction and operation to ensure investment returns of a PV project
  • Why PV connectors/cabling are systematically relevant and how the quality of components and the correct handling/installation positively influence the LCOE