Webinar - Coming of Age of Financing in Solar PV in LAC

20 March 2018 by

Driven by auctions and enabling policies, the development of solar PV projects in Latin America has spurred over the last couple of years. The main question remains how to attract financing for these projects.

The Inter-American Development Bank plays a vital role via its private arm IDB Invest, but investments from traditional parties like commercial banks and institutional funds are needed to scale up. 

In a prologue to our upcoming conference, Elizabeth Robberechts from IDB Invest and Jorge Barrigh from LAC-CORE will discuss this in this webinar, focussing on the following topics:

- Key considerations for investing in solar PV projects in Latin America
- What’s the potential for blended finance?
- Which policies are needed to enable the further growth of solar PV in LAC?
- What can developers do to attract low-cost capital?