Webinar - ICOs and Tokens in the Energy Field

09 Nov. 2017 by

Blockchain is finding its way to mainstream adoption. Being on top of the hype cycle at the current moment, its applications are scrutinized in various industries, of which the energy sector is no exception.

Many of these explored applications include the tokenization of energy or related certificates and their corresponding initial coin offerings (ICOs) or token sales. These ICOs recently attracted a great deal of media coverage, often with a negative connotation due to scams, bans and bubbles. This webinar will provide you a full understanding of the concept, discussing it from various perspectives.

Abraham Cambridge of The Sun Exchange, Artūras Asakavičius of WePower and David Orban of Network Society Ventures will present an in-depth reflection on ICO's and tokens in the energy field, exploring topics such as:

- How and why energy is tokenized
- Different applications for the tokens
- The basics of an ICO
- Regulatory/legal barriers
- The investors perspective
- ICOs vs. traditional approaches

This webinar is part of Solarplaza's lead up to the Blockchain2Business conference (5-6 February 2018, Amsterdam). For more information about the event and the program, please visit: www.blockchain2business.eu