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Webinar: Foreign Investment Opportunties in the Dutch PV Market

09 May 2016 by

In 2015 the Dutch PV market grew more than 35% with more than 410 MW new installed PV capacity. Total cumulative installed PV power surpassed 1,5 GW. More than 300.000 PV systems are now installed in The Netherlands. Stakeholders are optimistic about the market development in 2016. In all segments a growth is visible. More than before, utility scale projects have been developed and commissioned. The residential market is growing and the SDE+ subsidies have triggered substantial growth in the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) segment. A surge is also visible in the number of cooperative initiatives, community solar.

This webinar, in anticipation of the 8th edition of the leading Dutch solar PV conference “The Solar Future NL - Prepare for Change”, discusses the opportunities in the Dutch PV market and is particularly targeted on foreign companies with an interest in the Dutch PV market.