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Webinar: Performance improvements achieved through advanced data analysis

29 Sept. 2015 by

During this complementary webinar a real case study of a 700+ MW portfolio (built up since 2012) will be discussed. Highlighted topics will be:

  • Successful methodologies applied
  • Achievable ranges of improvement
  • Resulting economical effects
  • Effects of unprofessional maintenance work

Mr. Gerhard Mütter will explain, from the asset owner perspective, how his team has managed to increase the performance of a PV portfolio of over 700 MW in Europe in the last 3 years, mostly through advanced data analysis. 

Mr. Mütter will go through the applied methodologies and the resulting improvements, including an economical assessment of the higher financial results thereby obtained.  Throughout his presentation, Mr. Mütter will discuss of the impact rain has on PV plants, how to detect defective modules and the impact of unprofessional maintenance work.