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Up Close with Solarplaza - Nelson Lage & Lorena Nieuwenhoven on Solar Potential in Portugal

10 June 2021 by Lorena Nieuwenhoven

“Decarbonisation is not just the greatest challenge for Portugal, but for the whole world.” Nelson Lage, President ADENE.

The global energy transition is changing the way we generate and consume energy. In this episode of UpClose with Solarplaza, Nelson outlines how there are profound changes in the electricity sector, the economy, in society and how professionals should position themselves within this environment.

Watch as ADENE outlines its role in supporting the energy transition and helping place citizens in the center of this change. Their advisory extends to political bodies, consumers, and organizations.

This interview also touches on topics such as the greatest opportunities and challenges for solar energy in Portugal, the feasibility of storage in the country, and the ambition to create more renewable energy communities that can bring more knowledge and new jobs to disadvantaged communities.

Note: To access the storage report mentioned in the interview, please click here [Portuguese only].