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T.RE.ND talks 22: Thomas Leyden (EDF Renewables) on Grid Storage

09 Dec. 2020 by Edwin Koot, Solarplaza

Edwin Koot has met with Tom Leyden, the Senior Director of EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions, for our 22nd T.RE.ND talk.

This T.RE.ND was centered around grid storage. They discussed the importance of storage for a solar grid, the challenges, and the opportunities in the development of the grid storage market within the USA. 

Tom Leyden, our guest this week is a long-time solar veteran in RE and storage, now at EDF Renewables, a global leader with 6 GW of wind and solar in North America and 824 MWhr of storage worldwide. Tom has worked in the solar industry for over 30 years and previously worked for SunEdison, Solar Grid Storage, Solarcity, Sunpower, Powerlight, and Worldwater.  

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