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T.RE.ND talks 20: Bernhard Schuetz (SMA) on All Things Asset Management

11 Nov. 2020 by Edwin Koot, Solarplaza

For this edition of T.RE.ND Talks (#20), we spoke to Bernhard Schuetz, Head of Utility Services at SMA Solar Technology. 

Bernard shared his thoughts on:
✔ Trends in Solar Asset Management
✔ Consolidation in the market
✔ The rapid growth of energy storage and trends 
✔ The inevitable importance of Green Hydrogen, Power to Heat & Power2X 

In conclusion, acceleration in the energy transition is not so much related to the availability of finance, but more to regulation and grid capacities. Do you agree?

Bernhard, our guest is a senior technical expert with +20 yr of international experience in the global power generation industry; from commissioning, project management, to servicing and maintenance of power plants. 

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