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Top 50 Solar Projects in the Netherlands

12 Feb. 2019 by Kristiaan Versteeg, Solarplaza


Solar park in Emmeloord. Image credit: Groenleven

# Verified Project name Size [MW] #Panels Location Province Type Lead Companies & Organizations Operating Est. energy generation [kWh/jr] SDE+
1 Under construction Midden-Groningen 103,00 320000 Hoogezand-Sappemeer F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
2 Operational Scaldia 54,50 140000 Borsele/Vlissingen F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
3 Operational Budel 44,00 170000 Nyrstar Budel F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
4 Under construction Ooltgensplaat 40,00 136000 Ooltgensplaat F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
5 Operational Sunport Delfzijl 30,00 123000 Delfzijl F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
6 Operational Shell Moerdijk 27,00 76000 Moerdijk F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
7 Operational Veendam 15,50 57250 Veendam F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
8 Operational Groene Hoek 15,00 125000 Hoofddorp F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
9 Operational Andijk 15,00 45000 Andijk Zuid, Medemblik F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
10 Operational Lange Runde 14,00 118000 Emmen F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.

*F.O. = see the full Top 50 overview for full details

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Market analysis

Looking at the utility-scale market for Solar PV in the Netherlands, we see a quickly growing market in terms of number of projects and overall project size. When compiling a list of the top 50 projects (including several projects in advanced-enough stages of construction to guarantee completion), the list encompasses 583 MW of solar capacity in total, with an average project size of around 11.7MW. This is a significant increase when compared to the lists of recent years. The largest project is now situated in Borsele/Vlissingen, boasting 54 MW of power generation capacity. That’s a big jump compared to the 30MW Delfzijl project that topped off the list last year and especially the 6MW Ameland project on top of the list the year before. All in all, more than 2,000,000 panels have been installed in the top 50 projects combined.

Total size [MW] 583 MW
Under construction 4 out of 50
Average project size
11.7 MW
Leading parties
(involved with ‘x’ projects)
Groenleven: 6 projects
Chint Solar/Astronergy: 6 projects
Ecorus: 4 projects
Solarfields: 4 projects
KiesZon: 4 projects
IB Vogt: 3 projects
Solarcentury: 3 projects
SolarEnergyWorks: 3 projects
Obton: 3 projects
Rabobank: 3 projects
Leading provinces Friesland: 6 projects
Groningen: 6 projects
Noord-Holland: 6 projects
Division project types Field: 33
Roof 17

A shift is not only visible in the size of projects, but also in the companies that are leading the pack and the regions that account for most of the projects.  This year, project developers Groenleven, Ecorus and Solarfields top the list in terms of the number of projects they are involved with. The provinces Friesland, Groningen and Noord-Holland are currently leading when it comes to the number of large-scale projects they host.  Moreover, we continue to see the share of large field projects growing and the share of rooftop projects slumping, as developers and asset owners increasingly utilize their obtained SDE+ subsidies for utility-scale solar development.

When it comes to new technological developments coming to fruition, this year’s list marks the first entry of a significant floating solar project. This 1.6 MW plant is based in Lingewaard. In the coming period, we even expect to see a lot more floating solar projects coming online and claiming spots on this list. 

However, the surge of solar PV in the Netherlands is also resulting in significant challenges. Especially for the country’s electricity grid, this is increasingly becoming the case. Grid operators are issuing reports about grid congestion in a growing number of areas, predominantly the before-mentioned regions that are quickly becoming solar energy hot spots. As a result, several projects have already been postponed until a later time, when grid-connection capacity and grid-transport capacity can allow them to be constructed and connected. In the meantime, short-term solutions are being sought, for instance within the space of regulatory frameworks. Formerly required back-up capacity for malfunctioning or service operations in the grid, is now being freed up to allow for more solar capacity to be connected. 

The Dutch PV market has now reached between 4.3-4.5 GW of cumulative capacity, growing by 1.3-1.5 GW in 2018 according to estimates from Peter Segaar (PolderPV). Despite the challenges, there is still a very large pipeline left of projects under development, which are using the  government’s SDE+ subsidies. Considering the significant pipeline in advanced stages of development, the new rounds of SDE+ subsidy grants and the proactive approach in finding solutions to looming grid-connection and grid-congestions issues, one can be confident that the Dutch market will continue to draw attention and excitement, as well as offer plenty of opportunities for investors and developers alike. Next June we will again assemble the most relevant solar professionals in the Dutch market, and discuss the challenges and opportunities related to the Dutch PV market. Hot topics will include:

Grid developments & constraints Professionalizing the role of municipalities
Land availability & utilization Solar in a future subsidy-free market
Local stakeholder involvement PPAs & energy trading

We would like to welcome you to attend the 11th edition of the The Solar Future NL on the 13th of June to further explore the Dutch PV market, and utilize the largest networking & inspirational platform for market leaders in solar energy!  

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Disclaimer: This overview is provided by Solarplaza International BV ("Solarplaza") as a service to its customers on an "as-is, as-available" basis for informational purposes only. Solarplaza assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in these materials. Solarplaza makes no commitment to update the information contained herein. 

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