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Week Review 22-26 August - New RE tender in France; Canadian Solar's new yieldco; Doubts on Merkel plans for RE

26 Aug. 2016 by Riccardo Maistrello, Solarplaza


Costa Rica runs 100% renewable for 113 days in a row

Using a mix of wind, solar and its abundant supply of geothermal energy, this small nation is proving that fossil fuels are no longer necessary to keep the lights on.

France has launched a tender to develop 3 GW of solar

The tender will be divided into six application periods of 500MW each until June 2019, with the first ending on 1 February 2017. 

American Nano PV Global to invest $182m in Morocco's solar

New Jersey-based company Nano PV Global is planning to invest $181 million in solar energy in the port city of Tangier, on the Strait of Gibraltar. 

Japanese government agency funds $9.7m Nigerian solar project

The Japan International Cooperation Agency has donated to the Nigerian federal government funding for the execution of a 1.2 MW solar PV development project at the Usman Dam Water Treatment Plant.

Canadian Solar plans Japan 'yieldco' IPO

Canadian Solar may have given up on its plan to launch a US-listed renewables yieldco, but the PV giant is targeting another country for an initial public offering: Japan.

New Tesla Model S P100D could be the fastest car in the world

The new car with Ludicrous mode offers a 0-60mph promise of just 2.5 seconds. UK specs and pricing have now been confirmed.

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