Week Review 20-24 June: Brexit; Tesla/SolarCity; Industry consolidation

24 June 2016 by Tom van der Linden, Solarplaza

Digest of the most relevant solar news of the week that just ended.


Brexit is upon us. As you may have heard or seen, an astounding majority of 52% of the British people (interestingly defined by georaphy and age) voted in favour of leaving the EU (although apparently they don't really know why). The first signs aren't great, with the pound getting crushed. Global markets will be feeling the hit, from China to Africa.

With the UK traditionally being one of the largest markets for solar and renewables in general, it raises the question how this will impact our industry. A fresh call for investment certainty for the low-carbon sector is imperative. We'll follow the developments closely...

Tesla's takeover of SolarCity

Elon Musk announced his proposal to fully incorporate SolarCity into Tesla:

"SunEdison CEO finally resigns"

Fortune's headline doesn't beat around the bush. SunEdison announced that Ahmad Chitla has left the company, effective immediately, and has handed over the reigns to Chief Restructuring Officer John Dubel. 

Consolidation everywhere

Several significant acquisitions were announced in the project development / asset management field of solar PV.

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