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Up Close with Solarplaza: Manuel Cabrerizo - Optimizing Spanish RE Project Financing

27 Oct. 2021 by Solarplaza

Manuel Cabrerizo sets the stage for renewable energy project financing in Spain. Watch along as he exemplifies what is the missing link in the financing for PV projects, what players he envisions as possible game changers in the market and what to expect from the massive volume being invested in the early development phases of projects. The conversation also touches upon merchant projects, the PPA market and the impact of the government's reaction to this mechanism. In a market whose context is exemplified by excess liquidity, new players and new product offerings for renewable projects - Spain's ambitious renewable future is one to keep an eye on.

Manuel Cabrerizo is one of Voltiq’s founding partners. He is Spanish by origin and, after an international career in investment banking, now based in Madrid. Voltiq is a specialist renewable financial advisor with offices in Europe, Latin America and Asia. They offer independent professional advice in M&A and debt transactions worldwide for any renewable technology. Beyond buy- or sell-side acquisition mandates or debt raising and structuring services, their services also include the sourcing and negotiation of PPAs as well as other non-financial agreements often essential for transactions’ success.

Want to have more in-depth insights into the financial status of PV projects in Spain? Then join us in Madrid on 25 November for our third edition of our Solar Market Parity Spain Conference, we look forward to meeting in person again!

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