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Sink or Swim: Does Floating Solar Make Sense in Portugal?

27 Aug. 2021 by Edwin Koot

Webinar: Sink or Swim: Does Floating Solar Make Sense in Portugal?

9 September 2021, 10:00 (WEST)

Traditionally, the Portuguese market has largely been driven by cost reductions. Now that PV technologies have become increasingly cheap and accepted in the mainstream, the topic of floating solar has risen to the surface. The Portuguese government has set their eyes on the potential of this emerging solar application and are set to release an exclusive floating solar tender for 500 MW of allocated capacity this September. It begs the question; is this a worthwhile investment for solar professionals in the country?

The key aim of this webinar is to answer the question: "Does floating solar make sense in Portugal?" We'll be approaching this question from a bankability, market and technical perspective. Furthermore, we'll be diving into these specific elements of the equation:

  • Cost differentiation: floating vs ground-mounted solar

  • Compatibility with existing hydropower infrastructure

  • Energy yield forecasts and potential licensing conditions

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