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Facts & Figures on Solar Energy in Africa

28 Oct. 2016 by Jordan Kouzmanoff & Szabolcs Magyari, Research Analysts, Solarplaza

Africa is quickly becoming one of the most significant regions in the global expansion of the PV industry. The high levels of solar irradiation, extreme growing energy demand, increasing level of commitment by governments in the region to renewable energy generation, and the lack of an established sophisticated energy infrastructure are just some of the factors that are sparking a growing interest from international stakeholders. 

In preparation of the conferences we're hosting in Kenya (Unlocking Solar Capital Africa) and Nigeria (The Solar Future Nigeria), we are bringing you this report to get a more indepth look into all the facts & figures of the solar PV market in Africa. The report will give an overview of a range of issues related to PV project development including the demographic landscape, legislation and policies, electricity generation and capacity, and more in the following countries: Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Mali and Uganda.

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