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How to Produce Renewable Energy and Minimize the CO2 Emissions?

06 Aug. 2021 by Camille Dejode

Floating solar is now considered to be the "third pillar of the solar industry", standing firmly alongside rooftop & ground-mounted applications.

It represents a huge potential worldwide with its suitability for development on a large range of water bodies. Now that the floating project applications are scaling up, it becomes increasingly important to optimize the process and minimize the impact, because - in the end: everything has a carbon footprint.

This new white paper, created with the experts at Ciel & Terre, covers:

  • Floating Solar: main benefits and potential

  • CO2 impact considerations in Renewable Energy project development

  • Case Study: calculations of the carbon footprint in a Central European plant

If you're looking to dive deeper into the topic of floating solar and want to learn more about the best practices, the latest technological advancements, and the ecological/environmental implications of floating applications, make sure to attend the Floating Solar Conference!


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