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Huawei FusionHome: Smarter Energy for a Better Life

19 March 2018 by

Big data analysis and cloud computing are rapidly advancing intelligent home management, including the management of energy generation and consumption.

Big data analysis and cloud computing are rapidly advancing intelligent home management, including the management of energy generation and consumption. Meanwhile, households are getting smarter every day, with more and more computing devices and appliances connected by the Internet of Things, resulting in an increasingly responsive and interactive living experience.

By combining the connected technologies of the modern home with smart PV hardware, software and cloud management, a fully digitalised, solar PV system for the home can be realised. This is what Huawei has delivered with the FusionHome Smart Energy Solution, enabling customers to effectively manage their power consumption and maximize energy yields.


A one-fits-all solution: for homeowners and installers

A one-fits-all solution, FusionHome has the flexibility to meet the range of customer requirements across the residential market. For simple rooftops that require a basic system it provides an inverter with leading performance, whereas for complex rooftop layouts with partial shading the optional Smart PV optimizer enables customers to earn the best ROI. These can also be combined with safety and module management for customers who require a fully functional solution, while the integrated, plug & play, DC-coupling, energy storage interface allows for easy access and the flexibility to add batteries anytime. 

Higher energy yields

  • The integrated management of energy generation, storage and consumption allows the homeowner to manage their electricity usage cost effectively
  • State-of-the-art, transformerless, five-level inverter topology produces a maximum efficiency of 98.6%, Euro efficiency of 98.0%, increasing power yields by over 1%
  • Allows modules to operate effectively in shade-prone areas and in various orientations, increasing installed capacity, thus delivering higher yields
  • Supports remote module-level monitoring with full optimizers and safety box, reducing servicing costs

Simple and Easy

  • A compact inverter that weighs only 10.6kg enabling easy installation by just one electrician
  • Customized AC connector for quick and easy wiring
  • One-click startup for a smoother user experience
  • Dual WLAN antenna for simpler and quicker connection
  • Stable and easy communication between safety box optimizers through DC Power Line Communication (PLC)
  • An integrated plug & play energy storage interface, makes it easy to add batteries at any time
  • Supports one-click remote upgrade, reducing O&M cost

Safe and Reliable

  • IP65 protection with natural cooling, supports outdoor placement
  • Built-in DC and AC surge arresters prevents damage of internal components
  • Single solar module shutdown capability with full optimizers and safety box protects homeowners and their assets
  • Customised AC connector to reduce fire risks
  • Rigorous industry standard testing for higher safety and reliability

We’ve entered a new era in smart energy management, giving prosumers visibility and control over their energy generation, storage and consumption. By synchronizing information and energy flows, Huawei FusionHome saves energy and it is simple, easy, safe and reliable. In summary, smarter energy for a better life. 

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About Huawei

Huawei is a world leading inverter supplier with over 65GWs of inverters deployed globally. With its fully digitalised Smart PV Solution called FusionSolar®, excellent product quality and professional service, Huawei is the preferred choice for homeowners and installers worldwide. 

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