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Future Grid

Join our Blockchain and V2G webinars next week

02 Jan. 2018 by Solarplaza

FG Week

Webinar /// Blockchain-enabled use cases for utilities

Monday 8 January 2018 /// 16:30 CET

The proliferation of blockchain technology in the energy sector has seen a remarkable new breadth of applications for utilities. Utilities are facing an extremely uncertain future with the advent of disintermediated p2p energy transactions. Nonetheless, utilities can use blockchain to enhance and develop new business models. This webinar will present the opportunities that blockchain offers to utilities along with a real-world example.


Webinar 2

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Webinar #3 /// Vehicle-to-Grid: Potential & Early Experiences

Thursday 11 January 2018 /// 16:00 CET


With the decentralization of power production and the prospect of millions of high-draw consumption points being added in the form of electric vehicles, there is an increasing need for flexibility in the energy system. In this webinar we will explore how and to what extent vehicles can be an effective resource for the grid. This will be done by sharing and discussing data and insights of seven pilot projects from around the world.


Speakers Webinar

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Update of the blockchain company guide

We will also release an updated version of our guide to current use-cases of blockchain-application in the energy sector. Stay tuned for more information on the updated guide, which will feature over 20 new initiatives.

Learn more about - and freely download - the current version of the guide.

Blockchain Company Guide