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Future-proofing Solar Investments

20 Oct. 2020 by Mina Mesbahi, Solarplaza

DWF and Solarplaza assess whether different approaches to structure, standardisation and risk associated with offtake arrangements can enhance the future of solar investments.

This complimentary report goes into off-take arrangements in Europe and has been co-developed by Solarplaza and DWF.

During the “Making Solar Bankable” conference that took place in Amsterdam on February 7, 2020, a large number of industry experts from around the world came together to discuss the latest developments in the solar sector. The purpose of this conference was to learn from world-class keynote speakers and participate in interactive workshops that all relate to increasing the bankability of solar energy.

Within the conference, Solarplaza and DWF hosted a workshop on offtake arrangements in emerging markets. Their workshop, along with the associated survey, was an undeniable opportunity to assess the opinions of a wide range of global experts and gain insight into possible ways forward for off-take arrangements. The findings from our research are summarised in this report.

The workshop, supported by speakers Martin Bart, CEO of ecoligo and Tinashe Makoni, senior counsel at SunFunder, focussed on legal, developer and financial perspectives across three roundtable discussions and involved over 80 participants. The discussions focussed on some key questions: What are the key characteristics and common pitfalls of different offtake structures? Can a standardised project structure and risk assessment approach lead to a higher level of funding?

The outcomes of those discussions, along with additional research, led to the compilation and publishing of this comprehensive 15-page white paper. 


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