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Asset management

Energy Data Management and Revenue Reporting

10 Nov. 2020 by Solarplaza

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 11.00 CET

Webinar speakers:
Mario Schirru /// Executive VP Operations & IT - Encavis
Luca Pedretti /// COO & Co-Founder - Pexapark

Solar financing continues to evolve, and with each iteration, more factors are taken into account in order to successfully manage your assets while taking risk into account.

In this webinar, Luca Pedretti and Mario Schirru will discuss the challenges that arise from power purchase agreements in large portfolios. 

  • The complexity of calculating revenue for renewables PPAs and subsidy schemes
  • Why one should move on from Excel reporting
  • The art of managing revenue risk for a renewables portfolio


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