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Cutting the True Cost of O&M

22 Oct. 2020 by Jason Deign

Solar is booming. Worldwide, PV accounted for 45% of all new generation capacity in 2019, according to the analyst firm BloombergNEF. This spectacular success has been largely down to the impressive cost reductions that solar technology has been able to sustain over the last two decades.

Developers and asset owners are fortunate in that module costs are expected to fall a further 20% by 2025, but even so an increasing share of future cost reductions will likely have to come from O&M rather than capex cuts. And this in itself is no easy task: asset managers now know that cutting back too much on O&M can ultimately damage plant performance.

To see how the experts on the field see the cost developments of O&M services, Solarplaza created this white paper to recap some of the key takeaways discussed during SAMNA20-Live’s panel on the true cost of O&M.  

What’s inside?

  • The Outlook For O&M Cost Reduction 
  • The Role Of Technology 
  •  A Plea For Transparency


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