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Unpacking the Largest European Solar Portfolios

22 Oct. 2020 by Zsolt Szalay

Due to the large proportion of relatively small-scale distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in the residential and C&I sectors, the solar PV market of Europe is highly fragmented. This fragmented PV market is becoming apparent as soon as one looks at the largest European solar portfolios. Although the total solar capacity of Europe surpassed 144 GW in 2019, the top three European solar asset owners, Enerparc, Encavis and Octopus Investments have only a small fraction (3%) of the total European solar capacity.  

The two largest portfolios, Enerparc AG and Encavis AG are both based in Germany, the hottest European solar market. According to IRENA, Germany installed more than 49 GW solar PV by the end of 2019, representing about 34% of all solar power generation capacity installed in Europe. Therefore, it is not surprising that Germany accommodates 11 of the 50 largest European solar portfolio owners.   

To get a better idea of how the largest European solar asset owners built up their successful solar businesses within Europe, and to see the challenges and opportunities they have encountered over the last decade due to the continuously changing market conditions, this white paper is dedicated to reviewing the development of Encavis and Enerparc.

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