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Conference Takeaways - Solar Asset Management North America 2019

10 Oct. 2019 by Mina Mesbahi




Over the course of two days, the conference covered the key Asset Management and O&M topics in great depth, focusing on the best practices and recent developments in both technical and financial Solar Asset Management. In addition to the core topics, the conference agenda included topics such as aerial inspections, industry digitalization, M&A strategies, the real value of storage plus solar PV, unpacking bifacial true potential and many more, covering all aspects affecting the North American solar market. 


The U.S. solar market has been on the path to maturity and as the industry continues on this journey, consolidation is only a natural occurrence and simply inevitable. This comes with its challenges and opportunities, resulting in higher execution velocity, bankability and overall positive momentum. Most importantly, the market will continue to be reshaped. Therefore, as an industry, we have to gear up to ensure that we can capitalize on all the opportunities ahead of us. 

As part of this preparation, we need to also need to assure that we have the optimum O&M guidelines and strategies in place to best navigate the operations of the running assets and portfolios. This brief paper recaps some of the takeaways discussed during the conference in San Francisco.


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