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Asset management

White Paper - How to Make Sense of Solar Data

19 Aug. 2019 by Mina Mesbahi

This white paper helps you dive deeper into your solar data, covering crucial tips you need to know about during the pre-processing, processing and post-processing of your data.

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According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar energy will make more than 30% of renewables in total gross capacity additions by 2040. Surfing such a wave of growth, it is incumbent on the solar industry to ensure that the operations and maintenance (O&M), as well as management of these assets, are well taken care of. Instrumental in achieving that goal is having a robust network of software and data analytics capabilities in place to enable optimum performance and ultimately revenue maximization.

Making sense of solar data can make for a convoluted task. It’s easy to get lost in the vastness of data and chaos of managing a solar power plant.

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