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White Paper - Storing The Power Of Sun: How To Make The Most Out Of Coupling Solar With Battery Storage

26 Feb. 2019 by Solarplaza

How and when you operate storage have an immense impact not only on the amount of revenue generated but also the costs incurred. Coupling solar with storage is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. To generate solar power, all that is required are rays of sunshine and solar panels. Battery storage, on the other hand, posits a certain number of requirements, the absence of which keeps the lights off. In pursuit of realizing the true value of solar-tied storage, it is incumbent on asset owners and operators to be well-informed in order to prevent this incredible technology - that has the potential to transform the industry - from falling into a dreary slog of financial and energy loss. In order to better decipher the convoluted realm of pairing solar with storage, this white paper peers beneath the underlying drivers, use cases, different systems designs and battery types as well as key O&M considerations. 

What’s included:

  • Use cases & applications of solar+storage
  • System Designs: To DC or not to DC?
  • The impact of battery type & key performance metrics
  • Crucial O&M considerations

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