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Solairedirect Raises a Record 156 Million Euros in Debt and Equity

25 June 2013 by

The closed transactions relate to the financing of 12 new solar parks, recently completed or under construction (99 MW for a total of 142 million euros) and the refinancing of solar parks currently in operation (14 million euros). The new solar parks were developed as a result of tenders won by Solairedirect and/or feed-in tariffs at highly competitive levels, around 100 euros/MWh, a record for otherwise unsubsidized solar installations.


This series of financings indisputably establishes the fact that solar power is now competitive with other energy sources and Solairedirect’s global leadership, with its innovative model combining engineering and energy generation, in what is a major revolution in the world of energy: the emergence on a large scale of an energy source which is at the same time clean, decentralized, affordable, quick to implement, universally available in nearly infinite quantities, and whose variability can be managed in smart grid architectures.

This is promising news both for developed countries engaged in energy transition processes and emerging countries with fast-growing energy needs. This is also excellent news for the solar industry as a whole, which boasts great potential beyond the deep crisis it has faced in the recent past.