Dutch SolarNRG starts 100kW Solar PV Project in The Netherlands

04 June 2010 by

Solarplaza; ‘s-GRAVENZANDE- SolarNRG, a turn-key provider of solar photovoltaic systems, will realize the first 100kW project at Van Geest International (VGI) in the Western part of the Netherlands.

Last year SolarNRG started the application procedure which has recently been approved by a sub venture of the Dutch Ministery of Economic affairs, in Dutch Agentschap NL, previously known as Senter Novem.

The 825 Sharp amorf thin-film panels will be installed on two rooftops of the firm’s edifice, which is sited in Handelscentrum Westerlee – de Lier.

On annual basis the system will produce 90,000 kWh without any CO2 emissions. The invested amount is €250,000 which will have repaid itself within 7years. Van Geest sr. and van Veen (owner SolarNRG) met 7years ago when Van Geest ordered 4 solar panels at SolarNRG, which had just been founded in that year. The modules delivered have produced a large number of kWh’s and are still perfectly operational.

Within a month VGI will own the largest solar utility scale system operative in the region which will produce as much energy as the average usage of 25 households.

More information: Marco van Veen;