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ECN Unit Solar Energy Wins Innovation Prize

11 Dec. 2009 by

The price has been awarded to ECN because it has developed new solar cell and module technology. Earlier this year, in April, ECN proved that with this new technology a world record conversion efficiency of 16.4% could be achieved. In cooperation with Eurotron, ECN developed a special assembly line with which this new type of solar panel can be assembled. With this assembly line solar panels can be produced more quickly and at a lower cost.

The jury of EARTO commends the Back-Contact Solar Module Assembly Line for being “an excellent example of cooperation between ECN as a research institute and trade and industry, enabling the development of innovative technologies that have high social and economic relevance”. “With the Back-Contact Solar Module Assembly Line technology the deployment of solar panels can be highly increased, thus contributing significantly to a sustainable energy system and the climate objectives”, the jury said.

ECN has won the second prize, which it has to share with the French organization CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission). TNO (Dutch organisation) receives the first prize for developing the Legionella chip. CEA receives the prize for the Motionpod.

350 knowledge institutes have joined EARTO, among which ECN. It is the first time that this prize has been awarded.