Three reasons the solar PV party is over in Australia

15 Feb. 2013 by

BUSINESS SPECTATOR - The Australian solar PV party is over. The remarkable run of rapid growth solar PV has enjoyed since Costello spiked the punch bowl with the $8000 rebate back in 2007 is at an end. Last year's close to a gigawatt of installations will be the high water mark that will not be exceeded for several years.

2013 will herald a tough year of adjustment and consolidation.

The fact that solar PV market has continued to plough-on unabated, in spite of repeated cuts to government support, has led some to conclude that solar PV is some kind of unstoppable juggernaut set to wipe away everything before it.

But there were a series of three tailwinds that enabled this to happen and these have now run out of puff.

1 - Declining solar module prices have now reached diminishing returns

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