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Week in Review: Chinese solar plant shutdown; Module prices continue to fall; Greece's new PV auction

12 Oct. 2018 by Tom van der Linden, Solarplaza

These were the most important solar industry related news headlines and stories that broke this week.

China Subsidy Delay

Chinese solar plants might have to shut down

Though many regions of China have reached grid-parity, the northwest region of Ningxia has remained quite reliant on government subsidies to be able to compete with cheaper coal. An increasing backlog ($17.4 billion USD is no small sum) of delayed subsidy-payments are causing solar plant operators to struggle with maintaining operations and even face bankruptcy risks.


Module prices down 25% this year already

A new report by EnergyTrend reveals that prices for monocrystalline modules have fallen almost 20% this year, while polycrystalline panels even dropped by more than 25%. Though widespread consolidation is expected, global cell and module production capacity is expected to reach 150 GW this year.


IEA: World to install 1.3 terawatts of clean energy by 2023

The International Energy Agency's latest annual report forecasts an extra 1.3 terawatts of clean energy by 2023. Even its more conservative forecast puts that number at at least 1 TW. Such a growth would up the share of renewables in the global energy mix to 30 percent. Solar energy is set to triple in five years.

Greek Tender

Greece to auction off 194 MW of PV capacity

Policy guidelines were published in relation to Greece's renewable energy auctions, planned for December. In order to reach its goal of 300 MW of capacity by year's end, the government will put 194 MW worth of PV capacity up for auction.

Spanish Renaissance

Spain to introduce additional regulations to support self-consumption

The Spanish government seems intent on once again creating a more hospitable environment for solar development. After introducing new rules for self-consumption and suspending the solar tax (temporarily, with the permanent decision pending), it was revealed that new provisions to reduce the time frame of project registration under the self-consumption regime and simplification of the bureaucratic procedures are also under review.


F2i gets €995m to acquire 333 MW solar portfolio from RTR

Scraping together money from a consortium of 9 banks, F2i managed to collect €995 million worth of financing to acquire a 333 MW solar project portfolio from RTR.

Encavis buys 80% stake in 300 MW Spanish PV plant

The German renewables operator Encavis acquired an 80% stake in a 300 MW solar PV plant near the town of Talayuela, Spain. For the sum of €225 million, developer Solarcentury parted with 80%, while retaining 20%.

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