Q.CELLS North American subsidiaries remain strongly committed to the Canadian and US markets

12 April 2012 by

BUSINESSWIRE - The independent Q-Cells North American subsidiaries, “Q.CELLS North America” and “Q.CELLS Canada Corp,” have not filed for insolvency, unlike their German parent company, Q-Cells SE, and day-to-day business is continuing as usual.

Q.CELLS North America and Q.CELLS Canada Corp are leading suppliers for state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic solutions in the US and Canada with currently more than 100 MW of projects underway, all of which are on schedule for completion in 2012.

The North American subsidiaries are legally separate and economically independent entities from Q-Cells SE. They will continue their mission serving as trusted and reliable solar energy partners to their customers. North America is a market with enormous potential and the subsidiaries are looking forward to further developing it in the coming years.