Colexon installs largest roof-top photovoltaic power plant in Brandenburg

20 July 2009 by

Ulrich Junghanns, Minister of Economic Affairs in Brandenburg, and Thorsten Preugschas, CEO of COLEXON, have inaugurated the world's largest roof-top photovoltaic power plant of thin film technology.

With constructing the solar power plant with a capacity of 4.64 MWp in Hassleben, COLEXON set the world record in this segment for the third time.

For the construction of the system 64,000 modules have been installed on a previously not used roof-top area of 193,000 m2 which is equivalent to the size of more than 10 soccer fields.

Due to costs and efficiency, 10,000 of the total 64,000 solar modules to be installed were lifted to the roof by helicopter. The thin-film modules have been manufactured in Brandenburg by First Solar, the world-leader of innovative thin-film technology.

The photovoltaic plant generates an estimated electrical power of approx. 4.4 million kilowatt hours per year, which corresponds with the yearly supply of green electricity to more than 1,000 four-person households in Brandenburg. Based on the current feed-in-tariff of 43.99 cent/kWh the investor will generate revenues of more than EUR 1.9 million per year. At the same time the installation will gain an annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of more than 3,900 tons.

COLEXON has already agreed the extension of the facility of another 1.2 Megawatt which corresponds with the size of more than three and a half soccer fields.

"We are pleased to have created a relevant economical and ecological benefit to the region Brandenburg", said Thorsten Preugschas, CEO of COLEXON Energy AG. "The utilization of previously unused roof areas provides excellent opportunities to bring the emission free power generation a big step forward in Germany. This projects shows again our competence as one of the leading project developers for large scale thin-film roof-top powerplants", explained Preugschas.

The inauguration has been attended by local and regional politicians, representatives of participating companies as well as media representatives. In the course of a guided tour, the guests were able to visit the facility at close range. Alongside the visit on the roof top, it was possible to look at the power plant from windy heights by the use of an elevating platform.

Brandenburg's Minister of Economic Affairs Ulrich Junghanns is convinced that this project serves as a prime example. He valued the solar plant as an important milestone for the development of regenerative energies in the region Brandenburg. "This project", said Junghanns, "has an important stimulating effect on our region regarding employment and investments."

COLEXON's strategy, to focus on innovative and efficient thin film technology, once more proved to be a favourable precondition for encountering the current difficult market conditions. Opposing the trend in the solar segment, the order books are full. Further projects with a capacity of 7.44 MWp are being in construction.